Aquatic Ecology at UNE

Aquatic Ecology and Management at UNE looks at the delicate ecosystems of swamps, lakes, rivers and estuaries. It incorporates a wide gamut of disciplines including botany, geography, chemistry, geology, hydrology, zoology and physics. Important issues include drought, water resource management, aquatic habitat destruction, and threatened species protection.

Field work is an important aspect of Aquatic Ecology. Being in the New England region we have access to a wide diversity of aquatic systems at our doorstep.

Upland swamps, cobble streams and huge waterfalls in pristine National Parks lead to populated lowland rivers and estuaries in one of Australia’s fastest developing regions. Heading west we find the expanse of the Murray-Darling Basin and its regulated lowland rivers and semi-arid climate. Students wishing to specialise in this area are offered units in Aquatic Ecology, Freshwater Ecology and Management, Hydrology, Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Pollution Management. Postgraduate students can take advantage of the breadth of research expertise, strategic location in northern NSW and extensive range of field and laboratory facilities available at UNE.