Palaeontology Puzzles

Bones, fossils and artefacts buried in our earth tell us stories of the past. They provide us with puzzles to solve and make sense of history, telling us a lot about biology, art, geology, evolution and much more. Palaeontology is the study of the history of life on Earth, based on fossils. We can study these fossils to develop an understanding of different elements of both extinct and extant organisms. In enhancing our knowledge of the history of life on Earth, palaeontology betters our understanding of the world around us, including the principles that govern change.

In this activity students search for bones from an unknown animal hidden in kinetic sand, and find out which part of the body, and which animal they belong to. They can then find objects in their own schoolyard to create their own fossil imprints and learn just how delicate a job it is unearthing these fascinating snapshots of the past.